Tree/Arboricultural Services

Felling or Section Felling

The removal of an entire tree. If the surroundings permit, this can be done in one go (felling). In most situations there will be obstacles around the tree which must be avoided, in such situations the tree is removed in sections, some or all of which may have to be lowered to the ground using a system of ropes and pulleys.


Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the removal of a percentage of a tree’s branches, no more than 20-25% should be removed dependent on species. This is achieved by selecting dead, damaged and rubbing limbs first, then moving on to take an even number of branches from the whole crown. Done well, this allows light to pass through the canopy giving a gentle dappled light.



Pollarding is a drastic method of pruning which should be avoided wherever possible. Exceptions may include street trees and those which have been pollarded in the past (re-pollarding). Certain species should never be pollarded and other cope much better.


Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the trimming of a percentage of the outer-most branches to reduce the size of the canopy. No more than 25% should be removed. It is a common misconception that a large tree can be made small, it can’t.


Crown Raising

Crown raising involves the removal of the lower branches usually with the aim of increasing light or preventing an obstruction.


Landscaping Services

If you want something do be done in your garden we can do it, be it excavations for levelling or terracing, paths, stone work, timber constructions, paving, decking, raised vegetable beds, fencing or a new pond, give us a call and talk to us.
In addition to these major projects we also offer general garden maintenance, some people choose to use us for a one-off job to get their garden back to being manageable for themselves, other clients have us annually and others monthly, it’s up to you. Maintenance tasks (can) include: lawn mowing, pruning, weeding, trimming hedges and shrubs, pressure washing, leaf collection and planting.

Forest Services

Regen clearance, riparian regeneration,invasive weed control, path and bridleway works, forestry felling, wind-blow clearance.

Training and Assessing

Call us for our current course list or to book an assessor.